Student Evaluation

Student Evaluation

At Elite Math & English Tutoring Academy, we believe that every child should have the ability to get the education that they need. To help them along with the process, our academy offers a free, professional evaluation to gauge their level of education, their strengths, and their weaknesses. We want to make sure that our tutors match your child in a way that allows their growth to be the greatest, which is why our evaluation is completely free. We will go over the results of this evaluation with you and explain how our program works to help your child so that you can understand that our services are the best fit for them.

For more information, consult our FAQ below:

What subjects do you provide tutoring in?

Elite Math & English Tutoring Academy provides tutoring in:

  • Mathematics from elementary school to high school graduation and university entrance
  • English from Grade 1-12
  • Advanced Readers Program for elementary school students

How much are we expected to pay?

The cost of the program depends on the individual needs of the student. We offer a number of program lengths and payments. If you’re unsure, we offer a free evaluation for your child so that you will know exactly how much it will cost to put your child through tutoring.

What sets us apart from our competition and from hiring a private tutor?

Simply put, our learning system and excellent tutors. Each of our programs is carefully formulated to meet the needs of every student that passes through our doors. Children in our program will learn in a private setting with their tutor at their own pace, so there’s no rush, no pressure, only effective and confident learning.

What should I expect from tutoring?

First, we’ll create a highly individualized program that targets the specific needs of your child and address the gaps and weaknesses in their knowledge. After that, students work at the individualized work stations at their own pace while having access to their tutors at all times. Tutors will monitor and give immediate feedback to the students and work with them to assist in their progress. There is absolutely no peer pressure and no distractions so that your child can focus on the work in front of them. Before moving on to new material, our tutors will ensure a solid understand of the concepts covered. On average our students will improve one to two grade levels in about six months. We constantly monitor our student’s progress and will make adjustments to their program after consulting their tutors. After each lesson tutors prepare a progress report that you can always review.

Improve your child’s grade with our tutoring service. Contact us today for a free evaluation.


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