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“Their one to one tutoring is extremely personalized and customized exactly that suits the child’s needs. This is the best tutoring in Surrey I have been so far.”

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  • We speak Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish, Bengali, Urdu, Ukrainian and Russian
  • Regular homework
  • We develop good studying habits
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We proudly offer the following tutoring programs:


Elite Math & English Tutoring Center in Surrey & Delta brings you specialized math tutoring to ensure that your child reaches their maximum potential for success. Using our proven teaching method, our expert tutors work to detangle difficult mathematical concepts in a way that maximizes the learning potential of your child.

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Elite Math & English Academy offers tutoring in Pre-calculus and Calculus, including differential and integral calculus, for high school or first-year college student. our tutors will explain the challenging concepts, guide the student through the course and let them practice a lot in order to get higher score at school and be prepared for College or University studies.

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Essay Writing

Elite Math & English Tutoring Academy offers a comprehensive essay writing program designed to teach students the process of writing es- says. Through our program, we will clearly define essay structure, different forms of essays, and teach valuable skills to help our students order information and present thesis statements clearly and concisely.

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Our English program provides students with the structured learning they need for the essential communication skills of life. We cover students from Grade 1 all the way to Grade 12, ensuring that your child has a solid foundation on their English skills. Our focus will be on strengthening your child’s grammar, spelling, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and creative writing skills.

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Exam & SAT Prep

Due to the prevalence of exams in today’s current school system, we have special programs catered to students Grade 9-12 focusing on exam preparation. our goal is to help guide our students through the stress of exams by teaching strategies to help organize time and reduce nerves.

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Chemistry, Physics, Biology

Elite Academy helps High School students of Grades 11 and 12 to go through their Chemistry, Biology or Physics courses at school. Our tutors will explain challenging science concepts, train the students using our own or student’s materials, prepare them for the quizzes and tests, as well as assist them with homework assignments from school.

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French, Spanish

Our native speaking tutor will teach students all components of French or Spanish language including grammar, listening and speaking, writing, reading and comprehension. Students will be prepared for the tests and exams, including essay writing and Language Challenge Exam for Grade 11 or 12. The teacher can also introduce them to the cultural aspects of different Spanish-speaking countries, language differences and literature.

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We take pride in finding a different approach to each and every child in order to address their unique needs and to build a customized program that provides concrete and fast results.

Our students become true leaders and perform better in all aspects of life due to confidence, gained by mastering their academic success.

We provide all types of tutoring services in Surrey & Delta.

Manager / English
Manager / Biology
Math / Calculus
Math / Calculus
Math / Chemistry / Biology
English / Socials
French / English / Math / Science
English / Math

Tutoring Testimonials: Elite Math & English Academy in Surrey & Delta, BC


My son was struggling with Math 10 a year ago. He started to go here with very low mark. He often took easy to study, sometimes had been lazy. But tutors kept helping him. So during summer school, he could pass Math 10 nicely. Thank you so much for great teaching, supporting his scheduling etc … I will recommend this place to all. They are really supportive. Thanks again!



The great education service! We moved to Canada in 2016. My daughter needed in english very much. The Tutoring Academy offered very qualified tutor and a convenient schedule to us. We went to the Academy for one year. English of my daughter has got much better thank to her teacher Ms Liza. Ms Liza is an amazing teacher. We are realy grateful to her and this Tutoring Academy. The best regards!


Anisha bains

My child really likes coming here. The environment is so loving and comfortable for him. First he did not want to come to any tutoring centre but after coming here he changed. He loves the teachers and the ambience. Just after one month, he magically improved and the reports from the school and the school teachers are so positive. He has improved so much. I am so happy that I have signed up for one whole year.


Farah Faradin Hasan

Elite Math and English Tutoring Academy is the best that anyone can get for their kid. Their one to one tutoring is extremely personalized and customized exactly that suits the child’s needs. This is so far the best tutoring academy I have been to so far. It helped my daughter achieved good grades and it has improved her conversation too. The teachers are professional and so loving! Definitely the best by far!!!


Priya Dutt

There was a friendly, polite, and professional atmosphere. I was given great personal attention as was able to move up a whole letter grade in Pre-cal 12. Thanks to the great staff for helping me get to where I needed to be!


Faradin Hasan

I believe its a very good institution for tutoring your children. The environment is lovely and the principal is very friendly & helpful. The teachers are well versed in the subjects they teach and provide one to one coaching to kids. My daughters grades improved very quickly and she found her confidence to do even better. I would give Elite 5 star ratings and would recomend it to everyone.



Taught me Pre Calculus 12 material that my teacher couldn’t teach me, very helpful. 5 stars.


Nadia Nadia

If your child needs help with math, Elite Academy would be a great place ! We started this program for my daughter about six months ago after two years of Kumon. My child always had B in her report card, and had difficulties understanding some math concepts. However, after six months tutoring with Elite Academy she got an A in her report card and has no trouble understanding math. We are very happy with the stuff; quite, spacious , clean facility and a huge parking lot. I would definitly recommend this program to anyone, it’s not always easy to start but there is never regret in helping your child!


Chris Gagnon

Studied differential calculus, great help and support. Very flexible scheduling


Sohrab Sidhu

Had done chem11 and eng 12 and they really helped me


Denia Aguirre

Elite Math & English Tutoring Academy, have great experience tutors, and patients for teaching students. I had a great experience with my tutoring, and now I am on my way to graduate. I give them 5 stars ?!


Evans Guloien

I am very pleased with the level of quality tutoring is here at Elite Math and English Academy. I was being tutored in pre-calculus 12 and they helped me maintain my targeted grade through the hardest units. I enjoyed watching everyone elses grades drop as mine climbed for a change. Thanks!


Radhika Pandey

Teacher’s are very nice n friendly and willing to help students in every way…I can see progress in my daughter.


iuliana gavrilita

We had a great experience with this team.
Gladly recommend to everyone !


Brian Anderson

Great training at Elite


Federico Recinos Soto

The teacher are friendly
and I can see the progress of my son.


4.93 out of 5 ( 26 reviews )

We are located on the second floor of the building SCOTT 72 Plaza. The entrance is on the right side of Steve Nash Fitness World.

7337 120 St #230, Delta, BC V4C 6P5

+1 778 592 1200

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What our clients are saying

"Thanks a lot! Really amazing result! Tutors have been great. We had an outstanding tutor. He kept our son interested in completing math, calculus, and another math class. We liked the service so much that he started tutoring our daughter in English. We are happy to recommend Elite Tutoring Academy."


7337 120 St #230, Delta, BC V4C 6P5


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