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At Elite Math & English Tutoring Academy, we strive for excellence in every category. But don’t take our word for it, check out what others have been saying about us:

We have an experience with different Tutoring agencies, but Elite Academy is a way better! Highly recommend this Centre. My 7-year-old son had difficulties adjusting in his first grade. I was concerned that he would fall behind with poor discipline and lack of interest for learning. Elite Academy created a custom curriculum for English and Math that was easy to follow for a 7-year-old. I feel very confident now that my son will do very good school. Tutors are amazing and the quality of Program is exceptional.


When I saw my daughter struggling with her English I didn’t know where to go. We tried a couple of different tutors but there seemed to be no good connection. My friend shared her great experience at Elite Academy and I decided to sign up my daughter for English tutoring. Wow! She immediately connected with the teacher and in just a few months her attitude towards learning and grades have significantly improved!


I first came to the Elite Tutoring last year hoping to raise my math mark and not really knowing what to expect. To me, my biggest problem was not to asking questions. Because of the one on one set up and friendly atmosphere, I was able to learn how to ask questions about things I did not know and feel comfortable doing so. I now see that the only way to get ahead is to ask questions and not being able to do that holds many students back. Not only did I have the help of tutors but also various workbooks, worksheets, notes and homework assignments to help me.

Nathan B.

Thanks a lot! Really amazing result! Tutors have been great. We had an outstanding tutor. He kept our son interested in completing math, calculus, and another math class. We liked the service so much that he started tutoring our daughter in English. We are happy to recommend Elite Tutoring Academy.

Audrey B. Parent of Math Student

I would like to thank you for the help you have provided me throughout my time here. With the combined hard work of my tutors and myself I was able to continue to better my mark in math and achieve my goals.


I find that this is a very good place to come and learn at because I am always able to get help with what I don’t understand. The tutors are able to easily explain how to do things and are very encouraging.

Alex N. Grade 10 Student

The Elite Tutoring Academy is a wonderful environment, and has tutors who explain and teach much further than in classroom, that has benefited me a great deal to feel confident about my work. It actually works.

Peter M. Grade 12 Student

The Elite Tutoring helped a lot. It managed to find my weaknesses and target them. My mark increases not to an excellent, but I am improving. The staff was great and was fun to work with. Thank you!

Grade 9 Student

Farah Faradin Hasan
Farah Faradin Hasan
02:05 17 Sep 17
Elite Math and English Tutoring Academy is the best that anyone can get for their kid. Their one to one tutoring is extremely personalized and customized exactly that suits the child's needs. This is so far the best tutoring academy I have been to so far. It helped my daughter achieved good grades and it has improved her conversation too. The teachers are professional and so loving! Definitely the best by far!!!
Faradin Hasan
Faradin Hasan
02:11 17 Sep 17
I believe its a very good institution for tutoring your children. The environment is lovely and the principal is very friendly & helpful. The teachers are well versed in the subjects they teach and provide one to one coaching to kids. My daughters grades improved very quickly and she found her confidence to do even better. I would give Elite 5 star ratings and would recomend it to everyone.
Nadia Nadia
Nadia Nadia
19:10 02 Jul 17
If your child needs help with math, Elite Academy would be a great place ! We started this program for my daughter about six months ago after two years of Kumon. My child always had B in her report card, and had difficulties understanding some math concepts. However, after six months tutoring with Elite Academy she got an A in her report card and has no trouble understanding math. We are very happy with the stuff; quite, spacious , clean facility and a huge parking lot. I would definitly recommend this program to anyone, it's not always easy to start but there is never regret in helping your child!
Evans Guloien
Evans Guloien
22:44 15 Jun 17
I am very pleased with the level of quality tutoring is here at Elite Math and English Academy. I was being tutored in pre-calculus 12 and they helped me maintain my targeted grade through the hardest units. I enjoyed watching everyone elses grades drop as mine climbed for a change. Thanks!
Denia Aguirre
Denia Aguirre
19:11 03 Jun 17
Elite Math & English Tutoring Academy, have great experience tutors, and patients for teaching students. I had a great experience with my tutoring, and now I am on my way to graduate. I give them 5 stars????!
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We are located on the second floor of the building SCOTT 72 Plaza. The entrance is on the right side of Steve Nash Fitness World.

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What our clients are saying

"Thanks a lot! Really amazing result! Tutors have been great. We had an outstanding tutor. He kept our son interested in completing math, calculus, and another math class. We liked the service so much that he started tutoring our daughter in English. We are happy to recommend Elite Tutoring Academy."


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